Two Messages Stated by the Autism Bracelet

Discover How to Recognize the Signs of Autism – as Well as Learn Breakthrough Strategies That Can Quickly & Easily Unleash the Maximum Potential of Someone Who Has Autism.
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The rings, earrings, and necklaces we wear make a statement. Often these gifts can symbolize a commitment of love exchanged between two individuals and has personal meaning. Sometimes, this jewelry proclaims our affluence and our ability to purchase such items.

But sometimes the wearing of these adornments has a deeper, and more meaningful message meant to convey a life-changing message. Such an adornment is the autism bracelet. There are many autism bracelets available. They are made from different materials with suggested donations covering a broad price range.

One available autism bracelet is modeled after a charm bracelet. The charms are in the shape of puzzle pieces meant to reflect the enigma of autism. The bracelet is made from silver and different colored beads. The meaning behind the materials selected in the bracelet’s construction represents the broad spectrum of families affected by this disability. Standing in contrast to the multicolored beads is one single yellow bead. This bead represents the strength of hope in believing for a medical cure.


The importance of the autism bracelet is the conveying of a number of messages. Two messages of the autism bracelet are to increase awareness, and raise funds to provide services. Awareness is the first step to enacting a change. The uniqueness of the autism bracelet begins that process by calling attention to itself and allowing for the wearer to share information about this disability.

Those who ask about the autism bracelet will hear that 4.5 babies born per 10,000 children will have this disability in America. They will become aware that some of the symptoms include hearing sounds that seem loud only to those with autism. Additionally, autistic individuals engage in topics of conversation that will seem strange to others.

When asked about the autism bracelet the querent will become aware of the autistic person’s fascination with watching unusual motions such as spinning objects or the simple movements made by a person’s fingers. Also, they will hear that autism is a very lonely disability. Autistics have difficulty making and keeping friends, which results in their isolation.


Encouraging autism research and prayers for a cure is another purpose of the autism bracelet. Generally, there is a suggested donation associated with the receiving of an autism bracelet. When considering a donation make sure you are aware of what the donated money will be used for. Often the donation will be used for autistic research, but the percentage of the donation directed towards research is the key question. Be wary of vague terms such as ‘a portion of the proceeds will be for autism research.’ This vagueness could be interpreted as a very small percent.

Obviously if the answer is “100% of the proceeds”, that’s wonderful. However, there are probably costs associated with the production and distribution of the autistic bracelet. A standard percentage, in the nonprofit world, is that a maximum of 65% of each donated dollar go towards services.




Discover How to Recognize the Signs of Autism – as Well as Learn Breakthrough Strategies That Can Quickly & Easily Unleash the Maximum Potential of Someone Who Has Autism.
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